Seitan sausages

Seitan Sausages Recipe. My Very Own Sausage Spice Mix!

Good Seitan Sausages: the Holy Grail!

Seitan sausages

Who doesn’t love a good juicy drippy greasy sausage? Thought so! But it is often verboten food to us, not only philosophically, but nutritionally. It is the junk food we love to hate.

I am mighty proud to report that my seitan sausages try number 7 (or 8) are a keeper.

I did get full gear for the making of seitan sausages: the whole shebang to make casings, create pockets of fats that will disperse, to improve the binding and suspension Etc etc. But I wanted to try with doing only the most basic prep: get the perfect basic texture, shape the seitan sausages, and sear them. So we start with this. You might love them so much you won’t look for any other upgrades.

I’m a Seitan Novice talking to Fellow Novices

A few weeks ago, i wrote a major story on seitan, where I pretty much poured my heart out: my thoughts about seitan, vegan protein sources, as well as my seitan-based recipes, The Seitanic Dishes.

I recommend reading my story: it will likely address quite a few good questions about seitan making you might have. Good teacher that I am, for now I am only interested in sharing the most essential basics of seitan making, not getting into all the intricacies, complexities, varieties, add-ins, bells and whistles etc etc… I’m starting with just what works best, and is easiest, most streamlined and most nutritious.

My Very Own Seitan Sausages Spice Mix!

Of course you could use your favorite spice combo, and i will include this as an option. But the reason i highly recommend my mix is because, as a lifelong food professional, I am steering you towards the best most delicious and most nutritious umami sources. So many wonderful food items that used to be accessible only to Food Service are now widely available to the public!

Wrapping: I have just one word for you: Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth does it all for you, safely, easily and inexpensively. Shhh, don’t tell aluminum foil!

Good Brand Food Processor Only!

Only a good reputable brand (none of those toy machines) will pull in the work without breaking your machine. For the making of seitan, you will find that the food processor is your best friend in the kitchen. Did I say ONLY a good brand? Yes I did, sorry for being such a pest!


Make the Seitan Sausages

Makes  about 8 servings

  • 1 15 ounce can chickpeas, liquid and all
  • 1/2-2/3 cup of my own sausage spice mix (recipe follows) or your favorite spice mix
  • 2 tablespoons pure hickory smoke
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 cups Vital Wheat Gluten

My Sausage Spice Rub

Please take my ingredients literally. In other words, ground means ground, not leaves, ground extract is extract, etc... I’m walking you through every single ingredient. You’re getting a nice big batch, so this is a terrific investment, as you can use my sausage spice mix on may other dishes.

1/4 cup ground basil 

1/4 cup ground sage 

1/4 cup ground bay leaf

1/4 ground anise

1/4 cup ground sumac

1/4 cup ground coriander

1/2 cup red pepper flakes

1/2 cup garlic extract powder

1 cup paprika

1/2 cup onion extract powder

1/2 cup red miso powder

1/2 cup porcini powder

Mix all ingredients in a bone-dry bowl. Transfer the mixture to bone-dry jars. Makes 5 cups. Store away from direct heat.




Please refer to the picture for every step

Pour about 2-3 inches water in a steamer, and bring to a boil. After boiling point, lower the temperature to medium, and maintain it there.

Put all dough ingredients in a food processor fitted with the metal grinding blade, making sure you put in the gluten last.

Process on low speed for two full minutes. Pretty soon you’ll see the mixture coming together into a smooth ball and coming away from the sides of the food processor bow. Transfer the dough to your counter. Cut it into 4 equal pieces.

Now is a good time to use some elbow grease. Shape each piece into a nice long log (about 8-10 inches).

Wrap each log in cheesecloth, just as shown.

Place the 4 logs in the top part of the steamer, cover and cook 30 minutes.

Transfer the logs to your counter, and unwrap them. Pull off the cloth with a sure firm hand.

Cut the sausages in half for easy handling. Heat some good olive oil in a skillet, and sear the logs on a medium flame, turning them on their sides for even browning.

Enjoy them in any way you love: In sandwiches, stews, salads, or even by themselves. Freeze the uneaten parts, they freeze perfectly.



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