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My Latest Cooking Demonstration: Chabad Atlanta. Photos and Recipes

Enjoy the pictures and the recipes of our Cooking Demonstration, last week at Chabad Atlanta

Our Cooking Demonstration in Atlanta was so much fun! So nice meeting all the wonderful people! As always at my cooking demonstration, we served a complete dinner! I told you: My Cooking Demonstration is always Dinner and a Show! 

Great Cooking Demonstration menu too, mostly Sephardi, nod to the overwhelmingly Sephardi Israeli crowd present, seventy lovely ladies! I threw in Latkas in honor of the impending holiday, sweet potatoes this time. Oh yeah, and I couldn’t resist making my latest dessert star, my vegan peanut butter chocolate cheesecake.

Thank you to all the wonderful assistants I enslaved for the evening. Far from complaining about Cooking with Levana, they looked as delighted as I was for the lovely encounter and the delicious and fun evening. 

I enjoyed the message I received the following day from the Staff at Chabad Atlanta: “What an amazing night filled with great faces, a great chef and most of all incredibly tasting menu, a complete dinner that all guests were able to enjoy! Thank you Levana Kirschenbaum for an extraordinary night!! — with Ayelet Sery” Dear Rabbi Mendy Gurary and Rebetzin Liba Gurary, bless Chabad everywhere, and bless your hearts, keep up the beautiful work! It was my third (or fourth?) Cooking Demo in Atlanta. Looking forward to visiting more than just the Kitchens of Atlanta. I hear there is a spectacular Aquarium in Atlanta, and I am obsessed with aquariums. Just sayin’!

Enjoy the recipes, all included! And when you plan a demo in your own home or your own community, in New York or anywhere, here is how to Book Levana for a Demo! I take the show on the road: Quick and Healthy, that’s my middle name!

Our Cooking Demonstration Menu:

Yemenite Soup 

Chicken Tajine with Swiss Chard

Moroccan Lettuce, Fennel, Radish and Orange Salad

Curried Sweet Potato Latkas 

Vegan Cheesecake with Peanut Butter Filling and Chocolate Topping 

Quick Chalva 


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