Corona Cooking For Friends

Corona Cooking

A couple months ago, three very dear friends and I started discussing proactive ways to react to the isolation forced upon us by the Corona Virus. So we started taking turns hosting lunch or dinner once a week. I must say it has been a real life saver in our currently socially distant lives. We have been meeting either in the park, picnic style, or at one of our homes, sitting away from one another, lepers style. And of course we understand this is what we must do, so we are all pretty good natured about it: it beats being exiled for what seems forever.

Millenial Dinner We Recently Hosted

We hosted this fabulous Socially Distant  Corona Millennial Dinner a few weeks ago, for my children and a dear nephew, and that feast was pretty unforgettable: check out that menu!

Cooking for my Friends is Always Meatless

Two of my three friends eat fish but no meat or poultry. The menus for these meatless meals is always incredibly exciting and creative; even the most die hard meat-and-potatoes dinner would love to crash our parties! It was my friend Kayla’s birthday; she is obsessed with chocolate, so I ordered it (more info below)

Thank You Dear Rachel Berger!

My friend Rachel Berger, aka The Kosher Dinner Lady, Party Cake Extraordinaire, took the beautiful pictures of all my dishes, while we had lunch. Yup, she works for food, like the rest of us. I cook, she shoots: pretty equitable collaboration, is it not? We are quite a win-win team!

Our Corona Cooking Menu

No recipe. I use vacuum-packed Jackfruit, slathered in BBQ sauce (any good sauce will do), with a little water added, and cooked on a low flame for about one hour. Use just as you would use burgers or pulled beef, with your favorite toppings and condiments

I ordered it from Dessert by Tsipy. Fabulous!