Osem often comes to the rescue of people who seek to expedite dinner preparation. I have always chuckled at the old joke that in Israel, every child’s first words are “Ima, Abba, Bamba”. Bamba is a peanut-butter snack manufactured by Osem that children in Israel and beyond seem to be connected to almost surgically: Can’t leave home without it! Osem is the oldest and largest exporting Kosher grocery food company in the world, and carries an impressive line of products: Add to this that Osem has recently partnered with Nestle (which has resulted in their products being distributed in more than 5000 supermarkets in the USA alone!), and has partnered with the Jewish National Fund in an ingenious plan to donate $2.00 for every 5-lb box of Matzah sold (which in just 5 years has resulted in more than 400.000 trees planted in Israel), and it becomes clear why Osem is not just a line of food products but a brand connected with wonderful community works.

Recently I had the pleasure of experimenting with Osem’s Matzah products for their company, and came up with some fabulous recipes for Passover: You must try them: not only are they all natural, but they are so delicious you will want to make them year-round! Take the humble farfel, for example: nothing but matzah broken into tiny pieces? You wouldn’t believe how totally at home farfel is in both sweet and savory dishes!