Kids Food: Will They Eat THIS? You Bet! Recipes We Can ALL Share.

The perennial kids food question: “Will my kids like This?” So, the answer is yes yes yes!

And not only for sweets, but for dinner as well, as you will see in a moment. This baby is among my youngest fans (what? do I have even younger ones? I do! Seriously!), the daughter of a wonderful baker in her own right, Esther Ginzberg. I know because while I was recently in Israel where she lives, I was lucky enough to receive one of her fabulous cheesecakes. She drives her wonderful goodies all over town, for American expats living in Israel, and her Israeli fans. Check out her website, The Milky Way. Listen to what she just wrote me:
“Digging into leftover shabbos dessert…. It was an absolute hit, your chocolate cake with spelt flour and sucanat…… I tried your spelt challahs this week it was great! Thanks again: I’m really enjoying your cookbook”. Esther Ginzberg

A couple weeks ago I gave a demo in Chabad Riverdale, and here’s what the lovely Rebetzin, Sorah Shemtov, wrote me:
“If we could, my sister and I would follow you around from one demo to the next.  Unfortunately, time and other responsibities doesn’t allow for that luxury but we really had a super and wonderful evening with you. Thank you again! Sorah. PS – The next night, Monday, my son asked what we were having for supper and when I told him we’d be eating the chicken and soup from Shabbos, he said he really would like that lady again.  I said, “What do you mean?”  (He’s 8 yrs old)  He answered, “The lady who cooked in Chabad House yesterday.  I want her to cook more kids food for us.  I loved everything she made.”

 See? Kids food needs not be funny or different. And it’s all in my cookbook! And when you cook, remember children are real little persons, and will gladly eat what you eat, from soup to nuts, so make sure one size fits all! Aunt Levana is here to save you time and money, all in good health and in style. You’re welcome!!