easy as vegan pie

Easy as Vegan Pie. Hannah Kaminsky. Book Review

Easy as Vegan Pie: Hannah Kaminsky did it again!

Easy as Vegan Pie is Hannah Kaminsky’s fifth book.

Hannah is one hard working and multitalented woman, and we are lucky to get the fruits of her talents so regularly. She works hard to make it easy for us lucky eaters. Her thing is, Vegan Baking, the all-natural way, streamlined and simple. She gets such spectacular results that you would think if you never see an egg or a stick of butter or a tub of cream in you life ever again, you won’t even notice. I chuckled when I saw she mentions the use of tofu in some of her pies as if she were confessing to some weakness.

Tofu for texture? That’s wonderful, and all natural, as are all ingredients she uses. In Hannah’s wholesome hands, pie becomes actually good for you. Only Hannah brings home all those ingredients mostly overlooked by the American public and throws them in a pie. Licorice, quince, persimmons and other stepchildren get the royal treatment. Likewise, her pairing of fresh herbs and vegetables with sweet ingredients works like magic: Rosemary Tarte Tatin, Mango Chutney Pie, Avocado Mint Tarte. Every bit as gorgeous as her recipes are her pictures of each single recipe, all of which she composes and shoots herself.

Easy as Vegan Pie is not just about dessert.

 I see Taco pie, Pot pie, Tamale Pie, Quiche. All made with lean and sensible ingredients. Here’s the first thing I am trying: Spaghetti Squash and Meatball pie; not only does it look wonderful but the idea of making “meatballs” with sunflower seeds and lentils sounds too seductive to pass. No need to be vegan even! And for dessert, I’m trying Rhubarb pie first!

I am leaving you with three favorite recipes from the book: