Apple Recipes

Apple recipes

What better way to express it?

Wishing You All a  Wonderful Happy Healthy Delicious Fun Prosperous Productive Peaceful New Year!

The following Apple Recipes are my Rosh Hashanah gift to everyone, beside of course my Complete Holiday Menu File and Recipes!

Apple Recipes: Perfect Comfort Food!

One of Gd’s  most incredible and incredibly versatile edible creations. One of the healthiest, there’s nothing you can’t do with them. Pick’em, pickle’em, puree’em, bake’em, saute’em, roast’em, stuff’em, infuse’em, and much more. I could easily write a book on apple recipes, from condiments to stuffings to desserts and absolutely everything in between. You just say apple, and I’m on a roll! Apples feel at home everywhere, sweet and savory, and wear an infinite number of hats, one more becoming than the next. I have given many cooking demos on apple cooking and baking, creating whole apple-based feasts. Here are just some of my great favorites apple recipes!  Apple season is at our door: Enjoy playing with apples!

apple recipes

Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce Recipe