food labels

Misleading Food Labels and The Food Industry

Food Labels They often look like the latest literary genre. I get into occasional tiffs about my undisguised contempt of many food labels put out daily by the food industry.  The gist of the blame aimed at me by a few readers is: if I…

Noidue Restaurant: Panini, Coffee and Nostalgia a la carte

There are several reasons Noidue Restaurant tugs at my heartstrings. Some questions come up about it quite often:  I thought sharing my thoughts would make me feel somewhat more at peace with seeing a whole chunk of our lives behind us.... Here's…
horned melon

Strange Fruit, Indeed: Horned Melon

Strange Fruit   Strange fruit is often what you might come across before Rosh Hashanah or Tu Bishvat on the produce stalls. I cook up a storm on Tishrei (here is my giant Rosh Hashanah-Tisherei Menu and Recipes) This past Rosh…
Renewing vows

Renewing Vows, the Virtual Way

Renewing Vows Recently I said to Sara, who helps me and tutors me in all things technical, I should have more of a profile on Facebook. My list of friends was expanding, G-d bless, and so it would be a nice idea. So we edited the profile to…